Third Nature’s two projects Enghaveparken and POP UP have been selected as finalist for the Danish Design Award 2021 in the LIVABLE CITIES and UTOPIA categories.

‘The recreation of this complex park is amazing. It is a very technical solution integrated in a very beautiful park. It seems so simple but is an incredibly dynamic and people friendly place. This project ought to be an inspiration for many other places in the future’
Danish Design Award Jury on Enghaveparken

Enghaveparken was one of Arne Jakobsens first major planning projects and is thus listed as a cultural heritage landmark. Therefore, it was a big task to climate proof the park without messing with the original design. With our playful, yet sensitive approach we have transformed the historical park into the biggest stand-alone climate adaptation project in the city. With a 22.600 m3 water reservoir, the park is answering a need to handle Copenhagen’s current and future challenges with water by obtaining future rainwater on the surface, providing new recreational facilities, and adding some 200.000 new biotopes and plants to the area – a green gesture to the more than 1 million yearly visitors. And importantly, keeping in touch with both our new climate reality and the historic spirit of Arne Jakobsen.

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“With POP-UP, we have a humane response to man-made problems, combining three challenges in one overall solution showing the world how climate adaptation, mobility and urban development do not have to be each other’s opposites in the viable cities of the future”
Ole Schrøder, partner in THIRD NATURE

POP UP is an innovative proposal to solve dense city parking and cloudburst in an integrated solution. Today car parking, water reservoirs and urban spaces occupy three functions independent of each other. As opposed to using resources to establish three individual features needed by the city, we propose a single solution that can maximize the usage of m2, user value and minimize the overall construction- and operating cost. Instead of constructing a rainwater reservoir that will be empty 99% of the time, a monofunctional parking facility – often too expensive to build underground where it does not occupy space, and an active urban space fighting for m2 in the dense cities, we suggest POP-UP. A climatic, vibrant, and innovative solution that meets all three needs in one solution.

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