TREDJE NATUR will develop Urbanplanen stage 2 in a new project competition. The team has to come up with a proposal for the development of Urbanplanen in regards to housing, stores, institutions, renovation of Solvang library, the construction of The Urban Square and upgrading Urmagerstien, the local path.


We have sought for shared main consultants with our downstairs neighbors JAJA Architects as team JAJA/ TREDJE NATUR. The team has EKJ consulting engineers as sub – consultants, and Anoir Hassouni, management of KANTARA / resource center outer Nørrebro, as external consultants.

Urbanplanen is one of Copenhagen’s largest social general living areas and a part of the exposed area Amager/Sundby, which is pointed out to be one of the exposed urban areas by the politicians of Copenhagen municipality. The area is affected by a long range of physical and social challenges that demands a need for action to be taken to ensure safety and certain conditions to create a positive urban development in this urban area.

Urbanplanen has the potential to become an attractive place to live in Copenhagen. Due to the fact that the location is near two metro stations, Amager Fælled, ørestad, large educational institutions , about 15 minutes on bike from Copenhagen town hall and Amager Standpark, this location is very attractive.Microsoft Word - Konkurrenceprogram
The team’s ambitions is to incorporate Urbanplanen as a natural part of the surrounding parts of Copenhagen, and make The Urban Square and Urmagerstien to the city’s new green and attractive urban area and connection. We want to create enriching experiences by having strong connections between the city, nature, buildings and urban spaces. We believe that a great city is a vibrant and attractive city!

The selected teams are:
– Team JAJA/TREDJE NATUR together with EKJ Consulting engineers and Anoir Hassouni
– PLH Arkitekter together with Primus, Masu, EVERYDAY Studio and Lemming & Eriksson
– COBE together with thingbrandt landskab, MOE and Rekkomanderet
– Konsortiet SCHUL/JJW together with COWI and Streetmovement
– SLA together with vandkunsten and NIRAS