TREDJE NATUR has been selected for a competition regarding Remiseparken in Urbanplanen on Amager along with Orbicon, Birgitte Hoffmann and Gerlev Legepark. The assignment is a park project which includes the renewal and renovation of Remiseparken. The park has more than 80.000 yearly visitors. With its wild nature and self organised structure it lies as a magical oasis right in the middle of Urbanplanen’s apartment complex and institutions.


The builders- and the animal playground.

In between Urbanplanen’s tower blocks lies Remiseparken hidden away in its own world in a place of wilderness with a farm, animals, a playground, the longest tunnel slide, green gardens, hockey fields, and a lot more. We will work with a proposal that can build a bridge between the apartment blocks and the park along with the residents and users of Remiseparken. We will build a new framework for the community that will help create a vibrant green touch to the area. Urbanplanen will be an Integrated urban park that will bring a lot of activity to the residents of the area as well as the many daily visitors and the rest of the city.

The proposal will include a renewal of Remiseparken with respect for the existing qualities of the park, it’s identity, and urban nature. The consultants will as a part of the project make a survey about the cloudburst- and everyday rain. This has to be taken into consideration without diminishing the rest of the project’s objectives. The total budget for the project is 57 million kroner, among which there is calculated an amount for the cloudburst solution.


Tower and slide.

TREDJE NATUR is the main consultant with Orbicon as the sub – consultant with citizen consultant Birgitte Hoffmann from Aalborg University and Gerlev Legepark as external consultants.

The other teams are:
– SLA together with NIRAS
– SCHØNHERR with SWECO, Blue Bakery and Kim Borch
– BOGL Landskab together with Rambøll
– Møller & Grønborg together with ALETICA, MUTOPIA and GEMEINSCHAFT