Together with entropenear MT Højgård, Tredje Natur and C.F. Møller will make a proposal for the design of the upcoming 1.-7. Grade school on Islands Brygge
. The school will be a replacement for the current Islands Brygge school and thereby be a school with grades one through seven. The new school will base its foundations on: “Community, joy, mastering, trust and respect.”

Copenhagen municipality will establish a new seven grades school on Islands Brygge. C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur are consultants for MT højgaard, who is prequalified for the competition. The school will be established on Atrillerivej, where the existing building will be torn down to make room for the school.

The new school will be established with a vision of becoming a school with the theme healthy food. The existing location between Amager Fælled, Amager Common, and the harbour has a great recreative potential that easily can be used for several subjects in the classes. This can make the school a link between city and nature. The assignment has a big potential for making a version which can frame for senses, taste, play and learning.

Strengthening the district
The school on Islands Brygge is presumed to take up 10.000 m² with a 4.000 m² outdoor area. The building will hold the basic functions of a school along with classrooms designed for certain subjects, a kitchen and eating area, administration, personnel facilities and sports hall. There is focus on the outdoor area being inviting for activities, other recreational activities and practical measures such as arrival- and parking areas – for bikes and cars.

Islands Brygge has been through large transformations over the many last years. Among these a lot of industrial areas have been transformed to residential areas, which has resulted in a greater need for a higher school capacity. The new building on Artillerivej 126 will the Islands Brygge’s school’s new extra building, while the existing school on Artillerivej 57 will be renovated on the side.

Together the Islands brygge school will function as one school with one head of staff even though geographically the school will be on two separate addresses. The new school will be able to maintain the grades one through seven in a 0. – 9. Grade school on Artillerivej.

“Community and building social relation is always an important parameter in folkeskole, the people’s school. In a school with as many pupils as the new Islands Brygge school ‘the small groups in the large school’ is especially important for the individual student. The physical frame therefore has to create a solid foundation so the small groups can be developed in the brain area, and later be a part of the school enrivonment as a whole.” – Aase Hammer, principal, Islands Brygge School

Better as a community
The new 7.-9. Grade will be an inspiring place to go to at the school. Therefore it also has to reflect the new opportunities that lies in the new buildings flexible conditions in regards to a good playing and learning environment – Indoors and outdoors. The school will follow Copenhagen municipality’s main value “Community, joy, mastering, trust and respect.” Here they will still be able to play in the 7.-9. Grade, where there has to be created an environment where is it “cool to play.”

MT Højgaard along with C.F. Møller, Tredje Natur and consultant Asutens Future Schools will compete against four other turnkey teams by BAM Danmark, NCC, Aarsleff as well as Enemærke & Petersen.