TREDJE NATUR is selected for the competition regarding Kronløbsøenin central Nordhavn. By & Havn have assessed the 21 applications and boiled it down to 5 pre qualified teams for the project competition which is expected to begin in mid march.

Together with Arup, who is the team’s main consultant, and AART architects, the team has to come up with a proposal for how to make the new island a spectacular urban neighborhood with its own unique identity.

Kronløbsøen will take up 9.500 m² and be located between Fortkaj in Århusgadekvarteret and Sundkaj on Sundmole. The island will consist of a residential area of 25.000 m², which will be built on top of an underwater parking lot with approximately 1.000 parking spaces. The site is expected finished medio 2020.


The team’s ambition is to make Kronløbsøen the most vibrant, accessible and recreational area in Copenhagen’s harbour. The assignment is a one of a kind opportunity to plan an urban and residential area for a modern and exciting city neighborhood focusing on the harbour’s blue and recreational potentials. We want to create a unique tale full of experiences that enriches Kronløbsøen and Nordhavn’s living and attraction value through community and sensuous nature values.

Read more at By & Havn. (In Danish)