TREDJE NATUR is selected for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge. The team will compete in the great nordic climate competition for a 85.000m² area in Nørrebro around Hans Tavens Park and Korsgade. We are really excited to have been selected for this great competition on our own turf, Nørrebro. TREDJE NATUR is the team’s main consultant with Orbicon as the sub-consultant and the consultants Platant, Anders Busse and WSP.

The urban space: The urban space consists of a former plague cemetery that now is used as a public park, and the street with five story buildings from the nineteen hundreds. The street connects the park to the lake, Peblingesøen, and the open landscape. There are three public schools in the area. The total urban space is made up of 85.000 square meters with 25.000 citizens in a radius of 800 meters. The area is a part of Nørrebro, and is associated with social and cultural problems. The assignment includes three urban spaces: Hans Tavsens Park, Blågård school area and Korsgade.

The urban challenge: Throughout the past year there have been large cloudbursts that have made a lot of damage on Korsgade. Besides the rain the locals have felt that safety has been neglected in the area, and the students in the area do not see the street as being safe. There is a big need for preventing criminality through urban planning. Revitalization of the urban spaces is therefore in great need. The biggest challenge in the project is to ensure synergy by developing multifunctional facilities, which can be used for a variation of activities in different times of the day and year.

”Due to the cirumstances, it is not just the innovatibve rain water management systems, but also the cooperation and synergy where the municipality, the supplier and local commitment who have the intention to solve the many challenges within the same project.” – The Nordic Jury

It is expected that Copenhagen Municipality will hire the winning team on a contract for at least one of the three urban spaces. The construction cost for the entire project is expected to be around 50 – 80 million kroner.
– Team TREDJE NATUR with Orbicon, Platant, Anders Busse and WSP Sverige
– Team SLA with Rambøll, Liveable CIties Lab by Herbert Dreiseitl, Arki_lab, Aydin Soei, Social Action and Den Nationale Platform for Gadeidræt.
– Team EFFEKT with De Urbanisten, NIRAS, Blue Bakery, Søren Ejlersen

Besides the main teams the jury committee has selected some wildcard teams, who will contribute with knowledge and inspiration:

– MOVINGLINE – by Tina Jensen and Iryna Klixbull.
– DEBRIS – by Adam Roigart, Martin Hedevang Andersen and Stefano Rosselli.

Area renewal Nørrebro is negotiating with two other wildcard teams.

Nordic Built Cities Challenge consists of six independent competitions where six Nordic cities look for innovative and interdisciplinary solutions for the challenges of the cities associated with certain urban spaces.

All the front runners in technology, building, IT, urban planning, architecture, transport, residentials, Smart City, energy, social entrepreneur and future students, newly established as well as large integrated business’ – are encouraged to send in their proposal for the Nordic challenge for wide international inspiration. An important aspect of NBCCA is encouraging teamwork across the different disciplines and the Nordic borders. Therefore each team represented has to consist of at least two Nordic countries.

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