TREDJE NATUR has been pre qualified for a competition in Gustavsberg, located close to Stockholm. The municipality of Värmdö has chosen four teams for the development of Gustavsberg. The proposal will provide the foundation for the urban development in the harbor area and the center of Gustavsberg.

The team consisting of Tredje Natur, C.F Møller and Rambøll has been chosen among 38 applications to develop a proposal for the harbor area and the central Gustavsberg and how it will evolve in the coming years.

– “It is wonderful that there are so many qualified teams who have applied for the competition.”, says Anders Gullander, leader of the Värmdö municipality’s planning department.
– “It shows that Gustavsberg is an interesting area to develop.”, he explains.

Four key areas

The project will first involve four teams giving a proposal for how the different districts can be developed. The elements include an urban park, the city center, Kråkberget, and Vattentornsberget.

The competition will involve a plan for residential, business, office, kindergarters, community centers, and housing for the elderly. There will be a new park in the city with exciting and interesting gathering areas. A new, green connection from the harbor, the city center, and the rest of Gustavsberg must also be established.

The result of the proposals from the different teams will create the foundation for the coming detailing process for the urban plan and plan for urban development in Gustavsberg. Kod Architects, Mandaworks/Adept and White Architects have also been chosen to create proposals for Gustavsberg.

Read more about the competition at Värmdö Kommune and området. (In Swedish)