THIRD NATURE sends warm greetings to all our employees, clients, collaborators and friends with a big thank you for 2017! The office’s agenda has been unfolded and challenged throughout the year in many different areas of the industry and at the same time it has offered some very exciting results and new collaborations.

Next year we have several big construction sites coming up, and we are looking forward to showing you some of our diverse projects in real life.

“This is design with a twinkle in its eye, and quite telling for Third Nature’s simultaneously challenging and optimistic effort to invent new nature-city hybrids. This approach has brought them from climate adaptation in Copenhagen to buildings, urban spaces and urban development projects aiming to come up with human answers to manmade challenges”

Rasmus Rune Nielsen – Good Buildings on a Small Planet, 2017

The image above is captured by photographer Alex Cornell and shows the undersurface of an iceberg at Antarctica. Normally we only see the top of the iceberg, where 90% of the ice hides below the surface of the water, but here the nature’s forces show the iceberg flipped for a short while. Similarly, we are only now understanding the true correlation of the nature, our cities and the building industry. Today the industry accounts for 40% of the global climate impact, and only in Denmark, the sector accounts for 30% of the country’s waste. None of us have one answer to all our climate challenges, but together we can do more than we think.

TN julekort2 mailRESULTS

2017 | First sod was cut on the brand-new town Vinge. The Sølund Generation House at the Lakes is at full speed with a large design team. We create new communities in Urbanplanen at Amager and are the total advisor for a new housing project in Aalborg.

POP-UP climate hybrid went around the world with posts in various medias like Fast Company, Archdaily, Business Insider among others and got more than 55,000 likes on Hypebeast in a somewhat unusual company between sneakers and basketball stars. Our satirical 300 m Korch Towers that debated high-rise buildings and city ideals in Nordhavnen went viral and reached hundreds of thousands of people.

We created new ideas like Kungsberg‘s new nature-based space for learning in Linkøbing, a water culture house on Papirøen, which reexamines our relationship with the water. Hyllie got a record green station area with office and residential area in solid wood, ArkenWalk reconsidered the purpose of the art in the modernistic city and The Knob in Lemvig was created as a social meeting place coupled with coastal protection.

2018 | The big climate project Enghavepark will break ground, Klimaflisen test stretch is being carried out at Nørrebro. The first part of the Bryggen Bastion, which becomes Copenhagen’s largest car-free zone will be constructed. A new master plan for the industrial area at Firskovvej in Lyngby will transform the area into a distinctive, sustainable, dense, divers and forward-looking area. Support from the Danish Arts Foundation will be used for a symposium on the Anthropocene reality.