THIRD NATUR is looking for interns for next semester. We are an ambitious architectural office with an agenda that honors professional innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. We are looking for architect, landscape and constructing architect-interns that want to explore the territory between building and landscape and between the natural and the man-made together with us.

As an intern at THIRD NATURE you will join a project team on an equal footing with committed and competent employees. Interdisciplinarity is very important in our projects and together we formulate hybrid solutions for the future. Currently, we work on several exciting tasks like Enghaveparken, Redmolen Tip, Climate Tile, Værløse Airfield, The Future Sølund, Firskovvej Area, Urbanplanen, Bryggens Bastion and more. The versatile profile of our projects allows our interns to work across a wide professional spectrum of cities, buildings, landscapes, hybrids and infrastructure.

We would like to see applications from committed, proactive and positive people who will help develop the link between buildings and biology. We like to see applications from students that:

  • Possess good communication- and visual skills concerning architectural concepts and ideas
  • Can develop sketch and presentation models
  • Show commitment and willingness to develop their professionalism
  • Have good skills in Adobe InDesign, CAD, Rhino and some knowledge of Vray and Grasshopper
  • For constructing architects we weight good knowledge of Revit and BIM tools

The internship period will vary approximately 6 months starting August / September 2017, with a possibility of extension.

The internship will take form after an agreement between you and THIRD NATURE, where your wishes and goals will be indicative of what projects you will work on during your stay.

Send your portfolio and CV to – (max 8mb).

Deadline for applications is June 25th, but if possible send your application earlier. Job interviews will be held continually.

Office atmosphere A THIRD WAY

THIRD NATURE deals with the fact that the city and nature have fought an odd match for a long time. The challenges of today with mass migration, mobility and climate change can only be solved if we find a third way where the relation between the planet’s resources and our consumption is more balanced. From our point of view cities, buildings and nature are therefore not opposites, but rather the prerequisites for each other when creating projects that contribute to the needed transition.

All projects at THIRD NATURE are developed with an overall architectural, landscape and planning mindset, so that the individual parts of a building enrich each other and together contribute to a strong and sustainable whole. We do so because we know that the greatest value can only be achieved when architecture, climate and resources are considered as integrated parameters in the design process. In short, we do projects that are adapted to what is living, not vice versa.