THIRD NATURE sends big and warm greetings to you for 2018!

This year has gotten our climate heart rate up with its countless number of scary facts, doomsday forecasts and political actions (or lack of the same), all of which concern our common future.

Fortunately, the year has also brought us rapid positive development here at THIRD NATURE; the Climate Tile’s first test sidewalk, construction start of Enghaveparken and Bryggens Bastion, a tour around Denmark with our climate symposium MIND THE GAP, a new housing project in Ørestad, an international innovation award and much more.

We therefore insist on staying positive and believe that on the other side of a common recognition of the climate crisis and the climate actions that will follow, we will stand back wiser and closer connected to our resources and the nature’s circuit.

We have produced a small movie after our symposium MIND THE GAP, that took place in BLOX in October. It gives food for thought. See it as a little 3-minute Christmas gift from us to you (if you speak Danish;). We hope you will like it.

We wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!