THIRD NATURE is present during the C40 World Mayor Summit and participates in talks and events, where some of the studios groundbreaking projects are in focus.

The City of Copenhagen, which hosts the summit where mayors from major cities around the world gather in Copenhagen October 9-12, has chosen to focus on three of THIRD NATURE’s projects.

  • The new island of Lynetteholmen, which we are currently working on, will be in focus when the C40’s climate adaptation network is invited on a boat trip at the harbour of Copenhagen by the City of Copenhagen and By & Havn.
  • Together with COWI and the City we will guide a tour of Enghaveparken’s construction site, where we will tell about the climate park that by December will be ready to receive 24,000 m3 of cloudburst water.
  • In a masterclass organized by the municipality that focuses Copenhagen climate solutions the cases in focus are the Climate Neighborhood and Enghaveparken.

In addition to the above, Ole Schrøder and Flemming Rafn Thomsen will attend the Cities & Business Forum, where Confederation of Danish Industry has selected Enghaveparken to be presented in the building’s foyer, as an international climate solution.

Danish Association of Architectural firms has furthermore selected the Climate Tile, to be a part of an exhibition in the foyer of Industriens Hus, which seeks to convey the contribution of Danish architectural firms to sustainable and climate-protected cities.

We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding week, where decision makers will be influenced and inspired to take the bold and urgent action needed to push for the implementation of the Paris Agreement!