Tredje Natur


How can we create possibilities for growth by optimizing the unused potentials of contemporary cities and landscapes? How can we establish a critical space where we have the room to reflect and act, without pointing fingers or lying face down on the ground in adoration, to spread the message of the new city?

Third Nature uses the historic and contemporary tendencies in city development to ask the question ‘where is architecture today and how do we move forward?’ We contribute to this debate with projects and tools based on societal processes that form our cities. We do not linger on each individual project, but also consider the pre-architectural mechanisms and processes. For us, a city’s development is based on the legal, technical, economic, political, democratic, sociological, geological, climatic, biological, bureaucratic, geographic processes, which architecture is a direct product of. This is increasingly about developing the architect’s artistic vitality so that they cannot be reduced to mere problem-solvers, but can also add new experiences, knowledge, tactility, and capacity to a city.