Flemming Rafn Thomsen is founding partner at the office and responsible for the artistic development of the company’s agenda Nature & City, Unite! Flemming is fascinated by the power and the potential the anthropocene nature generates, and aim to short-circuit the entrenched divisions between city and nature in Danish architecture. Nature and city must learn from each other where people, architecture and nature form a symbiosis, centered on a sensuous and meaningful everyday life in the city. Flemming is occupied by the city’s transparency, ie. a clarification of how the urban circuitry operates in order to  make the users make informed and sustainable choices in their life.

Flemming was for 7 years employed at SLA, and has enjoyed status as the office’s Head of Design. Here he helped winning major projects, among others the expansion of Herlev Hospital, new main headquarters forNovo Nordisk and the extension of The Panum Institute in Copenhagen. Other projects include the debate project The Metropole Park and the temporary arrival space to COP15 summit.

Flemming graduated from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 by Claus Peder Pedersen and Cort Ross Dinesen. In the years 2004-08, he participated in their annual artistic development activites in March on the island of Hydra, Greece, which in 2010 provisionally culminated in the publication Cartography, Morphology, Topografy and an exhibition under the same name at the Danish Architecture Centre.

[Photo by Hans H Bærholm]