Tredje Natur

We are Ole Schrøder and Flemming Rafn Thomsen, the founding partners of Tredje Natur. We both have comprehensive experience in urbanity, landscape, and planning. As a culmination of a recent year’s work and studies, we are urging a new generation of architecture. A generation which must take on processes which are more and more complex and therefore we are operating in unknown territories.

Together, as Tredje Natur we will invest our experience and competences to signal the start of a new age for urban nature, that does not understand buildings and biology as opposing forces

Tredje Natur creates strategies for the hybrid city of the future through idea catalogs, agitation, project proposals, research, and collaboration. Our focus is on places, where regulation and lack thereof can clash and create new dynamics. We are fascinated by the power and the potential human-made nature generates. We want to get rid of the border between city and landscape in architecture. Tredje Natur investigates the blind angles and create spaces, constellations and add new meaning because nature and cities are constantly changing.

We are working for a city which develops in spite of trends. A city in which you can experience the one-dimensional, invasive and artificial potentials and promote effect of cultivated landscapes. There is a need for us to rethink urban spaces so they are adapted to what is living in the city, not the other way around.

Photo by Hans H Bærholm