Enghave Parken is a part of the exhibition BEYOND ICONSthat will discuss and show that design is much more than just icons.

Enghave Parken is a part of 50 designs chosen for the exhibition BEYOND ICONS opening June 1st at Koldinghus. BEYOND ICONS highlights design solutions that are not necessarily iconic classics or known from the covers of magazines. They are designs that make or have made a difference in people’s lives, to the environment, the design profession, or the industry.

Learn more about how we’ve made space for 24.000 m³ cloudburst water in Enghaveparken that is in the process of becoming a preserved park. We have turned the water challenges into a large variety of new recreational, relaxation and sensory opportunities. The project will break ground in the beginning of 2018!
Read more about Enghave Parken HERE.

The exhibition opens June 1st at Koldinghus. Read more here HERE.