THIRD NATURE’S partner Ole Schrøder, is invited to participate in the paneldebate ‘Malmö 2030′, held during Opportunity Space Festival in Malmö.

Malmö as a case, the presetations and the following debate will examine diferent challenges future cities take on; adapting to the consequences of climate change, growing population and creating socially diversity communities.

The panel debate is august 23rd from 13-15 in Enskifteshagen Park i Malmø. Read more about the event HERE.

Panelet består af:
Ole Schrøder, Founding Partner, Tredje Natur
Louis Becker, Design Director and Principal Partner, Henning Larsen
Gunilla Kronvall, Owner, Atelier 01 arkitektur; Sveriges Arkitekter
Christer Larsson, City of Malmö Planning Director
Martin Nihlgård, Sweden Director, Individuell Människohjälp
Emma Wetterstrand, District Manager, Skanska Sweden

Opportunity Space Festival runs from august 22nd – September 2nd. Find programmet og mere information HERE.