The Central New York branch of the American Institute of Architects (AIA CNY) invites Flemming Rafn as speakerfor their Sustainable Leadership lecture series. The series is organized by the Committee on the Environment (COTE). Flemming’s lecture ‘Nature Strikes Back: A new design ethos for the climate responsive city’ will be open to everyone and can be seen online October 7th at 4pm GMT.

More information and registration on Eventbrite.

About the lecture
“Flemming Rafn, co-founder and partner of Danish architecture studio THIRD NATURE, will give an introduction to his office’s major works. His key concepts are driven by the notion that a coherent and optimized design creates the most powerful impact and sustainable solutions for the city as a whole, but also adds to the sensitivity to individual spaces, places and the people. A sensitivity that invites the users to a more informed, joyful and sustainable everyday life.

THIRD NATURE (Tredje Natur in Danish), calls its projects humane solutions to man-made problems. The architecture office explores the territory between plan, infrastructure, building and nature. This optimistic yet critical approach leads to innovative proposals for new building typologies and urban natures, that are developed with a deep understanding of the city’s metabolism, as well as the pragmatics of the architectural gameplay and profession. Through examples of THIRD NATURE’s work Flemming will talk about how they redesign cities to deal with the more extreme weather as a consequence of the climate crisis and make the most out of a sticky situation.”