THIRD NATURE is invited to the international conference BIO-BASED BUILDINGS in Paris

The B3 Conference is the first international conference on bio-based buildings dedicated to the public sector. It will be held on November 5 & 6 2019 at the Paris Region headquarters. Partner Flemming Rafn Thomsen will participate with his talk ‘Nature First. A Copenhagen approach to Urban Metabolism’.

The B3 Conference Paris aims to launch an unprecedented momentum of bio-based building across local and regional authorities worldwide. Over two days, creative and innovative initiatives of varying scales – from a building construction project to a regional development program – will be presented by project leaders, experts and professionals from both the public and private sectors to delegates from across the world.

#B3ConferenceParis will be held on November 5 & 6 2019 at the Paris Region headquarters, followed  by an optional 1-day guided tour on November 7th highlighting bio based building-related projects in the Paris Region.

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