The five nominated projects for the architects’ coveted award, ‘Årets Arne’ 2021, have been found. A record for voter turnout was sat this year by the members of the Association of Architects.

A total of 26 projects covering the width of realized architecture in Copenhagen in 2020 were part of the voting. Enghaveparken Climate Park is nominated together with four other architectural works, where the common feature for all of them is a historical attention, either as restoration and transformation tasks or as a reinterpretation of known programs.

The five nominated projects take care of the existing urban fabric each in their own way. The result of the voting points to a current view of the architect’s field of work and a change in the perception of the work. An architecture that to a greater extent builds on and is based on what has been before. It shifts attention from the spectacular or complete to a more processual architecture rooted in time,” says Morten Birk Jørgensen from the management of the Architects’ Association in Copenhagen.

The nominated works are Enghaveparken Klimapark, BaneGaarden, Frihedsmuseet, Københavns Museum and Ørsted Haver.

Årets Arne is given to inaugurated projects that have lifted the architecture in Copenhagen in the past year. The selection of the Arne of the Year 2021 is scheduled to take place at the end of January 2021.

Enghaveparken – Climate Park
Engineer: COWI
User involvement: Platant
Client: Copenhagen Municipality, HOFOR and the Area Renewal
Contractor: Hoffmann

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