New holistic vision for a dense and sustainable center in Gustavsberg. TREDJE NATUR has in collaboration with C.F. Møller and Rambøll completed a parallel assignment for the development of Gustavsberg in Sweden. This makes the foundation for the urban development of the harbour area and central parts of Gustavsberg and creates a dense sustainable city with focus on the areas forgotten nature.

Luftfoto Värmdö municipality has now completed their parallel assignments for the development of central Gustavsberg with four teams of consultants. Tredje Natur, C.F. Møller and Rambøll have made one of the four proposals for the city’s central development strategies which will be a part of the key strategies for how Gustavsberg can become more attractive for the citizens as well as visitors.

Fra StadsparkenNATURE CITY
The center of Gustavsberg lies in a valley surrounded by four granite mountains and protected ecosystems. Along with this the areas has two maritime areas bordering Farstaviken and Ösbyträsk. The connection to these places will reestablish the connection to nature where the nature is a part of the everyday life.


– We suggest that Gustavsberg respects the unique nature around the center and creates a new dense city center that will be a part of the green pathway, where urban nature, rain water and initiatives takes by citizens are mixed together to create a new tale. This way the citizens are in direct contact with the nature, the community and the create recreational potentials that the region has to offer. Says Flemming Rafn Thomsen, Partner in Tredje Natur.

Gustavsberg has a long and strong culture for building and cultural history, which our proposal respects. The new center will complement a majority of the existing buildings in the areas that have their roots in the Swedish functionalistic golden age.Naturbyen CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT
The location of the parallel assignment exists of an area with 300.000 m² of potential urban development for residencies, stores, business’ and recreational functions. The proposal from Tredje Natur, C.F. Møller and Rambøll are working on rethinking a new city center that will have new recreational values, be more attractive and unique living qualities.

To ensure that the parallel assignments are spot on for the locals Värmdö municipality together with the participating teams held a dialog with the citizens on June 4.

– “You have to give credit to Värmdö municipality for their way of handling the process and the involvement of the citizens. It is fantastic to be able to present our ideas in front of the city’s citizens and politicians. It is especially positive to get so much great response from youths and elder participants.” – Mårten Leringe, partner at C.F. Møller.

The dialog with the citizens helped make up a foundation for the political hearing of the development of Gustavsberg based on the parallel assignments that took place June 6. The municipality is now making a plan for the future process’ this autumn.

The other participating teams are Kod Arkitekter /Landskapslaget, Mandaworks/Adept and White Arkitekter.

Read more at Värmdö municipality. (In Swedish)