“When you are driven, anything is possible”.

THIRD NATURE has the starring role in Toyota’s documentary series called Driven.

Driven is a storytelling series by Toyota about the people and what drives them in their personal lives. A drive to win. A drive for perfection. A drive for adventure. It is a story about their direction in life rather than their destination. The documentaries are made with an emphasis on exceptional stories, with the aim of showing the dreams and ambitions related to their work. We are happy that Toyota has spotted our DRIVE to make better and more sustainable cities!

Among other driven people are Samantha Payne from Open Bionics, Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse with Energy Observer, Damales Mukaka nurse for Marie Stopes NGO in Zambia, the racer Mike Conway and top chef Nick Bril.

We see a bright future ahead, a different way of developing cities. We are driven to build a better society through a new movement in urban design, by proposing simple solutions to complex man-made problems. Cities and nature are not opposites, but rather the prerequisites for each other when creating projects that contribute to the needed transition.

Check out our story that takes you from Amager Common, a man-made nature space, across our Climate Neighborhood, Climate Tile and Climate Park. We show a hidden giant waste mountain of 200,000 tonnes of ash just 3 km from the Copenhagen City Hall that can be up-cycled as sustainable concrete. The film ends with reflections on the future of Copenhagen and Lynetteholm, that will act as the city’s climate protection. In the movie, we drive Toyota’s hydrogen car, a unique technology that emits water vapor as the only exhaust product.

Thanks to the director Wim Bonte and Hotel Hungaria for the collaboration and thanks to Copenhagen and the many clients, architects and consultants that have contributed to creating this liveable and fantastic city.

All Driven episodes can be viewed on Toyota’s YouTube Channel.

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