Urbanplanen will be Copenhagen’s best sustainable district
. TEAM TREDJE NATUR & JAJA together with EKJ engineering consultant and Anoir Hassouni made it through to phase 2 in the competition concerning the Urban Plan Stage 2. We have worked with a sustainable city district that knows how to use use its distinctive location. This part of the city is seamlessly and accessible connected to the rest of Copenhagen and its typology – human scale, ‘livability’ and activity. Between the houses are living space attracting and orchestrates the great urban life. There is also great architectural qualities, fine courtyards and urban spaces, connections, life, activities and a grab on nature.

To shape and add to a new area undergoing urban development in the Urban Plan has been and still is an important challenge that has to meet up to the high standards, knowledge and compassion about the location as well as the human expression and cohabitation. Our proposal takes care of all this with an understanding and empathic conscious about the areas pragmatic, scale, spirit,history, and the conduct and togetherness of the people. Urbanplanen also has a great deal of unsolved green and blue potentials, which our proposal also will take care of. We do not wish to change the preexisting assumptions for the new part of the foundation of Urbanplanen, only strengthen the existing values and potentials the area already has. Urban Pladsen
Urbanplanen has the possibility to be an important piece to the puzzle of Copenhagen’s future urban development as well as the social aspect of the city. The centralization of the location between ‘the new Ørestad’, ‘the old inner city’ and locally flanked of larger landscape characteristics such as Amager Fælled, Remiseparken and the recreational sports area around Englandsparken.
The Urban Plan is one of Copenhagen’s largest social general living areas and a part of the exposed area Amager/Sundby, which is pointed out to be one of the exposed urban areas by the politicians of Copenhagen municipality. The area is affected by a long range of physical and social challenges that demands a need for action to be taken to ensure safety and certain conditions to create a positive urban development in this urban area. The assignment was to give a proposal for a development of The Urban Plan concerning living arangements, stores, recreational institutions, renovating Solvang Library, constructing Urbanplanen and upgrading Urmagerstien.
The negotiations of Phase 2 goes from August to October, where the final version and the winning proposal will be made. The other teams that have made it to phase 2 is SLA together with Vandkunsten and NIRAS and PLH Arkiteker together with Primus, Masu, EVERYDAY Studio and Lemming & Eriksson.