THIRD NATURE has been selected for the art path competition ARKEN WALK in Ishøj, that will connect Ishøj’s center with the art museum Arken. Together with our team, engineers EKJ, artist Ingvar Cronhammar, lighting designer Fortheloveoflight and TN | Research w. Boris Brorman Jensen, we will approach the project with our multidisciplinary qualifications and expertise, to create a unique and eventful path.

Until mid-December our team will be busy exchanging ideas and sketching on the proposal for the art path ARKEN WALK. The art path will not just include a defined path between Ishøj’s center and the art museum Arken, but rather consist of an unique sequence of experiences for both visitors and locals. It will add a new cultural stamp to Ishøj’s identity, thereby making Ishøj more visible and securing the future development of the city in a positive direction on a national level.

In all 27 applied and 4 are selected to take part in the competition. 

The selected teams are:
– TREDJE NATUR, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, Cronhammar, Fortheloveoflight og TN | Research v. Boris Brorman Jensen
– Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue with L’Equipe ApS v. Marie Nipper and Jeppe Hein
– Juul/Frost Arkitekter A/S with John Pløger, Flemming Brantbjerg and Claus Carstensen
– Schønherr A/S with NIRAS A/S, In-Situ v. Trine Møller Madsen and Morten Stræde


ARKEN WALK will be a 2.2 km path connecting Ishøj’s center with the art museum Arken. The vision for the art path is to create an art and culture axis that greets both visitors and locals in Ishøj. The art path will contain art installations together with an architectural and landscape handling that will give the opportunity to meet everyone’s need for a pause, play, movement, and sensory rich experiences in their everyday life. The art experience begins from the moment you step off the train or when you cross the path on your way home. The project originated from the desire to make the way to the art museum clearer, as well as to create a safe environment in the city. Ishøj’s municipality is collaborating with Arken Museum of Modern Art, and with economic support from Realdania, in the realization of ARKEN WALK.

The project requires a visionary team, who masters to create unique and sensuous experiences, while making them inviting to the public. Our multidisciplinary team, with strong skills on architecture, urban planning, green and blue strategies, city nature, art, lighting, scenography and much more, are highly qualified for exactly this project. The team is very passionate to create a ARKEN WALK that not only strengthens Arken’s identity, but also Ishøj’s.

We are excited for the teamwork and to begin the project. Keep updated on the website!