TREDJE NATUR has been selected for the parallel assignment Adamstuen in Oslo together with JAJA Architects and Hadrian Eiendomme. Based on a request from Statsbygg the parallel assignment needs to examine an urban development strategy for Adamstuen. The project calls upon a holistic, attractive, climate adapted and environment friendly urban area, that integrates new functional needs and historical values from Statbygg’s exciting properties.

The parallel assignment starts November 2017 and ends February 2018. The studies consists of many opportunities and potentials, that we are truly looking forward to generate with the other selected teams.

Statsbygg received 27 applications and selected 4 teams to take part in the parallel assignment. The selected teams are:
–  JAJA Architects, TREDJE NATUR + Hadrian Eiendomme
– Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Haptic, Karres+Brand, Erik Langdalen, Selvaag Bolig
– Link Arkitektur + Multiconsult
– MAD Arkitekter + Dronninga Landskap, Forsvarsbygg + Leva Urban Design

The area is in central Oslo, Norway, and as a reaction to current, public institutions moving out of the existing buildings in 2020, Statsbygg calls for an urban development strategy transforming the buildings and the area into new functions, that promotes great future urban development and retains the historical values of the place. Through the project it is asked that the teams create a holistic urban area, that integrates the surrounding areas, new public institutions, housing, business and offices, green and recreational urban spaces, climate adaption solutions, public accessibility etc.

We look forward to create a new, vival and attractive area in Oslo, generated by making great spaces for humans and nature combined!