By & Havn has chosen the technical consultant for the frame work agreement regarding the establishment of the massive artificial island and flood protection for Copenhagen called Lynetteholmen. The choice has fallen on COWI that together with THIRD NATURE and Arkitema as sub-consultants will provide the technical consultancy.

The first step towards the establishment of Lynetteholmen is thus taken and the process of preparing for the creation of this whole new area that in the future will house 35,000 residents and just as many jobs has started.

Technical Director at By & Havn, Hans Vasehus, is pleased to finally be able to start the work:

“It is always with a good portion respect that you start up big projects like this one. Lynetteholmen will increase Copenhagen’s total area by approx. 2 percent and will function both as a climate protection for water level rises and at the same time be able to house a completely new district. It is a historically important project and I look forward to getting started with the implementation of the authority work and the design together with our advisors”.

COWI, TREDJE NATUR and Arkitema will give their technical advices to By & Havn during the four years of the framework agreement. During that time, we will look more closely at the design and placement of Lynetteholmen, so that it can be ensured that the project can be put into use from 2022 as planned. During this spring By & Havn has also organized a number of workshops where the main considerations have been discussed with a number of experts. Ole Schrøder, partner at TREDJE NATUR has participated in those workshops as an expert. The input and knowledge gathered will be used in the further process.

We look forward to the exciting and important work to be done the next four years!

Framework agreement on technical consultancy and assistance
Technical consultant (awarded the framework agreement): COWI with THIRD NATURE and Arkitema as sub-consultants.
Project / agreement: Framework agreement on technical consultancy and assistance in the construction of Lynetteholmen
Services: Architectural preparation and design, design, necessary feasibility studies, etc.
Estimated value: DKK 15 million. excl. VAT
Duration: Four years
Legal Advisor: Bech-Bruun