Our project ‘Korch Towers’ has gone viral and reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Last week we launched our satirical high-rise project ‘Korch Towers’. We are pleased that the vast majority of you have participated in this humoristic (yet serious) discussion about future Copenhagen and we have really enjoyed the following debate.

It’s also a week since a political majority voted “yes” to high rise buildings that are three times higher than what is currently built in Copenhagen. The politicians thereby opposed the municipality’s recommendation to respect the vision already developed for the North Harbor. THIRD NATURE is neither for nor against high-rise buildings, but we hope our satirical contribution encourages critical reflection on the development of Copenhagen. ‘The higher the better’ cannot and must never be an unchallenged argument and urban and social cohesion are not outdated concerns. We must build responsibly, visionary and generously, based on the unique ‘common ground’ quality that makes Copenhagen a truly liveable city.

Korch Towers have reached hundreds of thousands of people. We know that the “dickstortion factor” has played a big role in it going viral, but we also believe that it shows people’s big interest in the development of our city. We invite everyone to continue to make their voices be heard and to contribute with original solutions that show the way forward for cities’ transformation.

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