THIRD NATURE’s Flemming Rafn is invited to speak at the Interdisciplinary Climate Conference ‘Climate Hack: Water’ March11 at 8.30-16.

The program is filled with international academic scholars and societal & business activists with a deep and profound interest in pushing climate action.

The event will be online and is open to everyone. Check out the program and sign op here:

“The initial step for the climate movement was to create a strong worldwide political agenda with a genuine interest in mitigating climate change on a global scale. We are now on a mission to hack and disrupt the current climate discourse in order to design concrete pathway plans amplifying a comprehensive and coherent green transition of the carbon-based society and economy. The CLIMATE HACK conferences will take up new perspectives such as water, health, wood & food in order to draw the attention to the planning process of climate politics.”

Katherine RichardsonKaren HækkerupJesper TheilgaardMickey GjerrisKaren RiisgaardGilles BoeufTheresa ScaveniusGeraldine Tsui-Yee LinFlemming Rafn and many more.