The 2,8 km2 future island will act as a climate protection for Copenhagen. Now a bit of the veil is lifted to show the work behind finding the best solution for Lynetteholm’s design.

A TV feature on TV2 Lorry reveals how Lynetteholm can protect Copenhagen against storm floods in the future. COWI, Tredje Natur and Arkitema are consultants on the project for the client By & Havn (City & Port). Advisors on the test are COWI and DHI.

How the storm flood protection along the northern and eastern edge of Lynetteholmen is best carried out is now being tested by By & Havn. We have worked in depth with the design of the island, to find an optimal level and form of the climate protection. We have e.g. worked with a nature-based climate adaptation, where a reduction in the coastal protection contour line can be acheived compared to a more vertical reflective edge. The nature-based landscape solution has an absorbent edge that breaks the waves before they hit land. Right now, models for the different solutions are being tested to find the best and most effective design for Lynetteholm’s climate protection.

Watch the TV feature on TV2 Lorry here.

Client: By & Havn (City & Port)
Size: 2.8 km2 large island
Project: New district with 35,000 new inhabitants, metro, eastern ring road and coastal protection project
Time perspective: Construction starts in 2021 and can take between 30 and 40 years
Technical advisor (awarded the framework agreement): COWI with THIRD NATURE and Arkitema as subconsultants.
Project / agreement: 4-year framework agreement on technical advice and assistance with the construction of Lynetteholmen
Services: Architectural processing and design, design, necessary preliminary studies, etc.