Team COWI and TREDJE NATUR have been awarded a framework agreement regarding ‘water management and related issues’ by the Planning and Building Services in Oslo Municipality.

In recent years, Oslo has several times experienced the consequences of heavy rain and floods, and both the numbers for annual rainfall and rainfall per hour are going up. There is an increased focus on climate related issues in Oslo, which the tasks under the framework agreement will address. The purpose of the framework agreement is to create important tools and solutions so that Oslo can become a climate adapted city.

The work will take place under various themes, including future requirements for rainwater management, how to solve climate protection in existing urban areas and how requirements for rainwater management and cloudburst protection are handled at a district plan level, etc.

The framework agreement is four years, and the work has just been kick started with the team’s first project within the agreement.

THIRD NATURE looks forward to the collaboration with the City of Oslo and to bring our competencies and experience from Denmark into play for the climate protection of Oslo. We are also pleased to be able to continue the collaboration on climate-related projects with COWI, that we have worked together with on Enghaveparken, Åboulevarden and the current Lynetteholm.

Read more about the framework agreement here (in Norwegian):