The Climate Tile is featured in the new book The Ideal City. SPACE10 has teamed up with gestalten to gather world-renowned expertsfrom 30 different countries to explore a better urban future for all of humanity.

What kind of cities do we want to live in? What do we believe is important for a good life? And what makes a good home for all of us? All these questions are explored in The Ideal City, a book of recipes for how to better design, build, inhabit and share our cities.

In this book, we travel to 53 cities in 30 different countries, speaking with experts across architecture, design, technology and governance about a better way forward for our shared home: the city. We celebrate the countless projects, designs and initiatives that create better cities for all — some as big as an entire neighbourhood, others as small as an app on your phone. Our aim is to showcase inspiring solutions for a better everyday life for both more people and the planet.

The Ideal City is published by gestalten and can be ordered here.