THIRD NATURE wins a new master plan for “De Gamles By” at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

The City of Copenhagen has decided that a new primary school and a new Diabetes Centre will be built in the old historical area of De Gamles By. THIRD NATURE has been chosen as architect to create a new master plan for the area, that is located in the middle of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We look forward to the exciting task that will include finding the right balance between the green areas and the new municipal functions.

When working on the master plan we will adhere to the area’s special character and work closely with the City of Copenhagen, local citizens and the area’s stakeholders. We wish to create an area with new functions, connections, building volumes and blue and green strategies, that are developed with great respect for the cultural history and the cultural environment that characterises “De Gamles By”. We will through our work seek to create an optimal plan for the area, that takes both the future and the past into account.