We have createda postcard from the future – a visual manifestation of our visions and thoughts about the profession and the future. Our manifestation is a part of celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Nordic journal ‘Landscape’.

FORT HAFNIA, anno 2279

Based on the engineer officer Christian Geddes map of Copenhagen, anno 1761.

The Epoch of the Wall

In the year 2020, we talk about the future in one of two tracks: ‘Yes we can’ or ‘We are screwed’. The reality will take place somewhere between these two outer poles. It is a fact that the last time we has as much CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere was millions of years ago. Back then, the temperature was 5-10 degrees higher and the normal water level was therefore 50-100 feet higher. We are moving towards radically different basic conditions for life on earth and our image of the city.

It is neither the modernist fix-it-all-at-once approach, as we see it in Koolhaas’ project Exodus – The Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture, nor in the grovelling admiration of the breakthroughs of the past that will be the conclusion of all our efforts. Fort Hafnia illustrates an adapted and self-sufficient city that seems to thrive behind walls, dikes and entrenchments. But also, a city full of paradoxes, conversions and regression.

The climate crisis is affecting us all and could be the ultimate argument for greater openness and solidarity. But it may well result in the opposite.