he March publication of ‘Arkitekten’ contains praises for our winning proposal for Vinge.
Boris Brorman Jensen, Architect maa and ph.d, has written a review of this proposal and he sees the design as the signal of a new generation of station towns that revise the qualities of Copenhagen’s Finger plan.

“Well on its way third nature. The winning proposal is like a meteor in the functionally divided city. Urban space, park, buildings, and infrastructure are united in a joyous collision” – Boris Brorman Jensen.

The article outlines the designs new strategy for how nature and architecture are included in a more hybrid city, and is thereby both/and. The article also makes comparisons to ‘Nye’, a new city north of Aarhus, which Tredje Natur is also a part of. Read more here. (in Danish)

“We can, no matter how much we wish it, live together in the city center. Modern forms of urbanity, come in the form of network, and the S-tog station in Vinge is in this way is not just a station outside the city.”
– Boris Brorman Jensen.

The Vinge competition took place in 2014, against well qualified competitors such as BIG, COBE, Snøhetta, Vandkunsten and others. The project is in progress in close collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects, Moe and Atkins. See more about the proposal  here.