A new urban space and climate adaptation project will be inaugurated Saturday, February 23 at the Climate Neighborhood in Copenhagen.

The newest project at Bryggervangen and Skt. Kjelds Plads designed by SLA is the biggest in the realisation of the visions for the area so far. THIRD NATURE is the creator behind the 100 ha big master plan, that since 2012 has created the framework for the further development of the Climate Neighbourhood.

The Climate Neighbourhood is founded on a new ambitious agenda for the city. An agenda focusing on how the city must be conceived in a new way seen in the light of the climate crisis and migration. Since its creation, the master plan has received great international attention for being a visionary and innovative example of how to develop the climate-friendly city of the future.

We are proud to see the project carried out in reality and would like to congratulate Copenhagen and Østerbro on its renewed neighbourhood, that exemplifies how the nature’s own tools can be a part of our cities’ solutions. Also a huge congratulations on the great result to all involved players who over the years have contributed to the realisation of the vision. We hope that this approach can lead the way and exemplify how cities can handle climate change, while creating good places to live.

Everyone is welcome to the inauguration at Bryggervangen at. 12:00 – 14:00 on Saturday.