Vi er inviteret til at give en talk til TEDx arrangementet ’Green Natives’. TEDx arrangementer er organiseret efter devisen “ideer der er værd at sprede”. TEDx programmet er designet til at give lokalsamfund, organisationer og enkeltpersoner mulighed for at stimulere dialog gennem TED-lignende erfaringer på lokalt plan. TEDx events er ikke-kommercielle og organiseret på community-by-community basis.

Vi glæder os over den helt særlige anerkendelse, der ligger i invitatitionen, og til at bidrage med vores idéer og strategier i et ærefrygtindgydende line-up af både etablerede og up-coming klimapionerer.

UN City 09 dec 2013.

In the Seventies, they told us to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, and we began to fear that acid rain would destroy nature. In the Eighties we followed the voyages of the original Rainbow Warrior, and learned that spray cans were eating the ozone layer like Pac-Man on speed. In the Nineties we bought pieces of the shrinking Amazon while a metallic forest of windmills arose. And ever since, we have been exposed to corporate shills and quislings, COPs, melting icebergs, rising oceans, and a gathering storm that is casting its shadow ever longer and blacker upon our tomorrow.

We are all Green Natives – people born and raised in a world aware of climate changes and our planet’s limited resources. But will we act on what we know?

Some of us have already begun.

TEDxCopenhagen have found an exceptional group of acting Green Natives – starting in their own backyards, these visionaries are creating a better world for all of us, spreading their ideas from their local communities to the global community.

Today, Green Natives are revolutionizing the ways we produce energy and food, and the ways we use natural and urban spaces. We call them green not only because they work for a greener future, but also because they are beginners, pioneers, and pathfinders – they are those who dare to think and act as others have not before them. Each and all of them have strong visions of a better world and a greener future, and a passion to share them with all of us— their fellow Green Natives.


Søren Hermansen is a world-class Danish energy magician. Søren Hermansen spearheaded his community’s efforts to become 100 percent energy independent and prove to world that is possible for communities to become self-sufficient. Samsø Island has received international recognition for leading the world in sustainable alternative energy, producing 10 % more than its 6,000 residents use each year, and was recently featured in The New Yorker magazine. In 2009, Søren Hermansen received the Gothenborg Prize – the nobel Prise of the environmental field.

Søren Ejlersen is a true organic food entrepreneur with strong ideas about how we should treat our produce and environment. As one of the two founders of the popular Danish concept Aarstiderne, Søren was instrumental in introducing fresh, organic greens to urban dwellers all over Denmark. Today, Aarstiderne delivers 2 million boxes straight to doorsteps across the country. Now, Søren is on to a new endeavour: reinventing the farm. his concept affects how we will think of agriculture and diet in the future and, at the same time, it also addresses how to feed a growing population.

As co-founder and partner in the Danish architecture firm, TREDJE NATUR, Flemming Rafn Thomsen has co-articulated a new vision for our future urban living in a time with drastic climate changes. Global challenges related to climate changes and our demand for dense and liveable cities does not call for two different answers, but rather for the same solution. The office is advocating a new way of architecture, where cities and its human life are made part of curated and meaningful urban nature. City and country come together in a “third nature” where new hybrid communities are created.

Gry Worre Hallberg operates in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and future studies continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Dome of Visions, Sisters Academy and In100Y. Currently working on the project Sensuous society: Beyond economic rationality – Suggesting a sensuous mode of being in the world.

Johanne is a young Danish energy anthropologist at The Alexandra Institute who works with anthropological user studies and user involvement to develop concepts, technology and services in the energy domain. Johanne’s research is centered on energy consumption and behavioural change. In a world of research centered on innovation, sustainability technologies and green solutions,

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[Foto: Adam Mørk]