International opmærksomhed for TREDJE NATURs naturstrategier. Klimatilpasning er en global brændende platform, og San Francisco viser nu interesse for TREDJE NATURs tilgang til skabe naturværdi for by og beboere i tilpasningsprocessen. Den 6. november er vi inviteret til at forestå et seminar, hvor vi fortæller om vores strategier for en bred gruppe myndighedsfolk, beslutningstagere og andre interessenter. Henvendelsen sker på foranledning af The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Fra indbydelsen:

On the 18th of August 2012 the plans for Copenhagen’s first climate adapted neighborhood was presented to the public. The project’s visions to transform Saint Kjeld’s Quarter into Copenhagen’s greenest neighborhood were presented at a grand opening by Danish Environmental Minister, Ida Auken.

Architecture studio TREDJE NATUR, the firm responsible for the plan, is redesigning the Copenhagen neighbourhood to better handle the floods expected as climate change leads to fewer but heavier rain storms. When heavy rainfall strikes Saint Kjeld’s Kvarter, the water will be collected above ground in parks and squares to simultaneously relieve the sewer systems and create new recreational areas around the pools.

TREDJE NATUR’s project offers a wide range of pragmatic strategies to meet the many expectations in the area. As a key principle the architects reclaim 20% of the street area by optimizing the infrastructure and parking lots according to current standard. The obtained area, which is around 50,000 square meters, is to be used for green infrastructure. It is also an important parameter not to compromise the city’s existing functions in the area.

The project introduces bicycle paths that act as storm water channels, water towers, green roofs, urban gardens, green houses and canals that carry water out from the neighborhood to the harbor. And simultaneously give rise to greater biological diversity in the city.

TREJDE NATUR’s Partners: Flemming Rafn Thomsen and Ole Schrøder will present on this innovative green infrastructure plan at this webinar.